"Madnetex" Real time bidding system development

  • Friday, Nov 1, 2019

link : ! since 2019 Madnetex has become part of the Cityads media platform

RTB service of mobile and web advertising MADNETex. Advertisers are provided with a platform for buying advertising space through real-time auctions, and webmasters and creators of mobile content are offered tools for monetizing sites.

Deployed Products :

  • SSP - Supply / Sell Side platform - technology platforms for web publishers through which ad networks or individual sites can sell their inventory. Most often, SSPs provide sales of advertising inventory via RTB, but can also work on the direct sales model. The goal of SSP is to sell more expensive places for banners prepared by the publisher on their sites.
  • DSP - Demand Side Platform is an auction system for advertisers that trades with SSPs (platforms for RTB-trading from the sites), manages several ad networks (Ad Networks) and ad exchanges (Ad Exchanges) , exchanges other data for the benefit of the advertiser in the digital RTB ecosystem.
  • DMP - Data Management Platform) - software that allows you to collect, process and store any type of classroom data (1st, 2nd, 3rd), and also has the ability to activate (use) them through familiar media channels ( DSP, Trading desk, site adservers), CRM (enrichment), CMS (dynamic adaptation of site content), DCO (dynamic adaptation of creatives), as well as direct placement sites through direct integration with adservers. The data management platform is created for advertising marketing purposes, as a tool for determining the necessary target audience.
  • SDK (web, android, ios) - is a set of development tools that allows software specialists to create applications for a specific software package, basic development software, hardware platform, computer system, game consoles, operating systems and other platforms.